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 A Whole 

 Other Story. 

Israeli stories, told firsthand by those who have experienced them.

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Our story

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The world’s first social-therapeutic podcast.


Record uses the powerful platform of the podcast as a therapeutic tool to promote social change. Our staff members include professional therapists and broadcasters who guide and assist young women and men of diverse social backgrounds in Israel in creating docu-narrative podcasts about their stories. 


We then share their stories with the public, empowering the narrators to transform their stories into sources of strength and [positive] influence on Israeli society.

Our goal is to tell real stories–  profound, honest stories – in the voices of the various women and men to whom they belong, and in doing so, create connection and solidarity between disparate parts of Israeli society and allow for deeper listening and empathy within it. 

About Us



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Co-Founder, Board Member

Theo Landau

Holds a bachelor's degree in education and is currently doing an MA in Education Leadership at Harvard University. Has over a decade of experience in educational work and social entrepreneurship in Israel and around the world.

Educator at an elementary school in south Tel Aviv.

Always searching for the next big story. Established Record out of a desire to help people see their story in a different light- and to dream big.

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Iris Alter Liberman

Co-Founder, CEO

Holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from Tel-Aviv University, and a master’s degree in clinical social work from Hunter College, NYC. Has over a decade of experience working with at-risk youth and marginalized populations.

Practicing therapist in the mental health clinic at Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv.

Has been listening to radio and podcasts since childhood. Founded Record out of a vision to use this wonderful medium to empower people to search for, articulate, and share their own stories.

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Anat Henkin


Communications and Radio Studies Graduate, Sapir College 

Former Content Editor, IDC Radio

דניאל סלומון לאתר.jpg

Daniel Salomon


Content Editor and Investigative Journalist, Formerly at Galei Tzahal 

דניאל מאורר לאתר.jpg

Danielle Maor


Communications and Radio Studies Graduate, Sapir College
Sound Documentary International Program Graduate,
Louis Lumiere School, Paris

Editor and broadcaster at Kan Podcast Division 

מור לאתר.jpg

Mor Avitzur

Therapist and Guide 

Clinical Social Worker MSW

Psychotherapist Trained in the Mindfulness-based Akumi Method 

ניר לייסט.JPG

Nir Leist

Sound Designer

Podcast Editor, Sound Man and Musician

Founder and Music Editor of the ELEM organization’s “Heart Radio 24/7”

IMG_6644 3.jpg

Mor Sivan

Sound Designer

Musician, Creative and Soundtrack Designer

Formerly at 'Kan' Broadcasting Corporation and Galei Tzahal

יותם פוגל לאתר.jpg

Yotam Fogel


Podcast Writer and Editor 

Formerly at Galei Tzahal

אמיתי שילר.jpg

Amitai Schiller

Soundtrack Composer

Creator and Composer

נטע רם.JPG

Netta Ram

Soundtrack Composer

Bassist and Music Producer, Rimon Graduate

Our Team

The full board of directors will be announced soon


Eldad Koblenz, Communications and Management Expert

Founder and CEO of Kan Public Broadcasting Corporation 2015-2022
Former director of Galgalatz and CEO of The Israeli Educational Television

Advisory Committee

Board of Directors

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אפרת מירון.JPG
Image 11.png

Podcast and Radio

Professional Board

Dr. Noam Feinholtz

Radio Personality and Podcast Host 

Storytelling Expert 

Former Head of Sapir College Radio Program

Efrat Meron

Radio Personality and Content Specialist 

Podcast Department Manager at Keshet-Mako

Assaf Liberman

Journalist & Host

KAN 11

Israel's national TV & Radio

יעל מאיר.jpg

Therapeutic and Research

Dr. Yael Meir

Clinical Psychologist 

Head of BELONG Laboratory for

Innovation in Research and Promotion of 

Diversity and Multiculturalism in Communal and 

Municipal Mental Health Settings, Haifa University

Yoram Ben Yehuda

Senior Clinical Psychologist 

Founder of Docu-therapy as Treatment for PTSD 

אביעד קיצברג.jfif

Aviad Kitzberg

Strategy and Development 

Former Economic and Social Advisor, 

Office of the Prime Minister of Israel 

אופירה בן שלמה (2).jpeg

Ofira Ben Shlomo

CEO, Unitaf


Innovation and Organizational Development

Yonatan Adiri

Founder and CEO,

Former Innovation Consultant for President Shimon Peres

What we do?

סדנא 2

Create Stories

We meet the participants individually and begin by listening: Who are they? What is their story? What is on their mind? We then seek together which part of their story they would like to focus on. 

Throughout this journey, we explore and process their story by writing and recording voices, moments and conversations with the people involved, as the participant leads us through this process. 


Towards the end, we head to the studio and record the narration, after which we move into the editing room, where we weave together the voices collected along the way until the story becomes a complete audio work. We then upload the piece to all podcast apps to be heard by the general public. 

Lectures and Workshops

We learn so much from each process. Therefore, we give lectures and hold workshops for professionals, students, and organizations. 

The contents are adapted to each group’s needs and consist of a range of topics, including:


  • Off the record: a unique and innovative workshop working on team and trust-building through listening, writing, sharing, and recording

  • Inspiration, vision, and entrepreneurship: what is RECORD and how does it work?

  • A new player in the field: why and how to work with podcasts in the therapeutic/educational space

What we do
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Our Partners


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